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Vaughn BullardDeanna Murray

Vaughn BullardVaughn Bullard – CEO and Founder

Mr. Bullard is an information technology thought leader, content management authority and SOA visionary. He has vast, multi-level experience as a software developer, project manager, enterprise architect and open source advocate. Mr. Bullard is an author and editor of published technical works by Wiley & Sons, Inc. In addition, he is an author and editor to many SOA and web services standards published by the OASIS standards body.

Mr. Bullard was a member of the Security Assertion Markup Language, Business Process Execution Language, Web Services Distributed Management, Web Services Notification, and Web Services Resource Framework technical committees. He was also a voting technical committee member of the Web Services Distributed Management Working Group.

He is also the author/editor of OASIS Web Services Distributed Management/Management Using Web Services 1.1-1 and 1.1-2 standards as well as the “Introduction to WSDM” Committee Draft. His body of work is referenced in volumes of technical research and theses and is referenced in many university curricula.

Mr. Bullard has designed, developed, and participated in the enterprise architecture implementation of high-end J2EE and SOA-based systems for many international customers.

Mr. Bullard architected many web services-based Identity Management solutions for many clients. These solutions included SAML token passing, Oracle Access Management/Oracle Identity Management, SAML token authority server management, credential mapping between Active Directory and JAAS, as well as DoD PKI standard authorization within applications. In addition, Mr. Bullard architected and developed several role based access control mechanisms between web services, EJBs and requisite intermediary devices like AmberPoint, WebLogic, WebSphere Application Server, DataPower, Layer 7 and open source Java Messaging Service Software Servers.

Career Highlights

  • Led teams of 5 – 100 over a period of 24 years for at least 125 different contracts
  • Architected SOA architectures for large customers such as Hewlett-Packard, CIGNA and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Architected Enterprise Service Management of some of the world’s largest SOA implementations including the Department of Defense’s Net Centric Enterprise Services and Denmark’s SKAT Systemmoderniseringen contract.
  • Provided HIPAA business mappings of Inbound Patient Claims Processing to HIPAA compliant insured records using EDIFECS XML schema mapping tools, including mapping of ICD-9 codes to internal codes
  • Certified PHP Developer
  • Certified Project Manager
  • Certified Training Instructor
  • Automated development and testing processes of web services for HIPAA compliance
  • Developed next generation SOA web services for NOAA that pulled data from 5 national heterogeneous databases
  • Architect, Developed and launched eCocoMarket.Com; an environmental upcycling website
  • Architected and Developed lead management system for Strayer University
  • Assisted in architecture and search engine optimization consulting on new content management system for National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU)
  • Architected new content management system for National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
  • Conceived, Architected and Developed XData Toolkit for WordPress; an open source plugin that uses embedded XSL open data and database transformation tool that gives users the ability to embed complex data sets in WordPress posts, pages, widgets and themes
  • Conceived, Architected and Developed XPandable Author Tab plugin for WordPress, an open source plugin
  • Developed reports for various customers using Business Objects and Cognos
  • Developed Big Data architecture for healthcare insurance provider
  • Developed and Architected with technologies used including Oracle, OAS, WebLogic, GlassFish, EDIFECS, AmberPoint, Oracle/AmberPoint, Ektron, J2EE, J2EE Web Services, PHP, PHP Web Services, REST-based Web Services, MySQL, Drupal and WordPress

Deanna Murray – Chief Communications Officer

Deanna Murray Communications Consultant
Deanna Murray
Chief Communications Officer

Deanna Murray is an award-winning journalist who has made a career of defining and establishing content and promotion guidelines for some of the largest media companies in North America. Throughout her career, she has honed executive management skills, allowing her to lead teams successfully in multiple countries.

Ms. Murray is passionate about cultivating strong digital strategies to not only meet business goals but enhance the user experience for her clients. Her approaches are contrary to that of traditional marketers and lend a creative flare not always seen in today’s marketing campaigns.

Ms. Murray has more than 20 years experience in digital strategy, online and print media, UI, marketing messaging and online product development. She has extensive experience in media from her career at AOL managing editorial content as well as her work as a reporter and photo editor at newspapers in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma City and Washington DC.

Ms. Murray is known as a spark to every organization and as someone who brings practical yet creative solutions to every challenge. She has expertise in business, entertainment, higher education, global events, politics and teens. Her work on AOL’s Teens Channel, RED, was well known and she made the teen advice column one of the most popular in AOL history. She has also interviewed and traveled with renowned entertainment artists as well as performed as a musician through most of her adult life.

Today, her writing can be found on many political websites as well as marketing blogs used to define cutting-edge strategies. She is also working on a series of children’s books. Ms. Murray makes her home in Northern Virginia.
Career Highlights

  • Won the coveted AP News Writer of the Year award in the state of Colorado for a series of articles on local SWAT team tactics.
  • Led teams in the US, India and Ireland while working for AOL.
  • Was on the original team launching AOL Instant Messanger (AIM).
  • Responsible for the introduction of SuperBuddies into the AIM Market and also grew the AOL Buddy Icon business into a paid service.
  • On team which launched and programmed the AIM TODAY screen — generating one of the largest markets in AOL with more than 35M pageviews a day.
  • Launched and promoted advertorial products on the AIM TODAY screen that eventually migrated to the AOL Welcome screen, including deals with major movie studios and Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Managed programming team in the U.S. and in Canada for the Gannett-owned company, Captivate Network.
  • Established further advertorial opportunities including sponsored content and paid features for Captivate’s flat-panel elevator screens.
  • Designed and led team, as primary business owner, to build a custom CMS for — allowing the content on the screens in the elevator to connect to the website.  First time in Captivate history the screens were localized and the website mimicked the elevator content.
  • Managed and launched redesign of website for users. had been a B2B site in the past.