Category: Version Release

Improved Documentation

I’ve been working on doing some better documentation. Writing is always such an iterative process, technical documentation more so. As versions change, you have to continuously update your documentation. I am trying to make it look more clean and concise with each iteration. Below you’ll find a screenshot of the …

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Version 1.8 – New Query Variable API

Well, I’ve been working something crazy lately. Fifteen hours a day can kill one, but when you are enjoying what you are doing, it doesn’t matter. It’s worthwhile, fun and rewarding! Anyway, this announcement is about the new version 1.8 release of the XData Toolkit. This version has some significant …

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Version 1.7 Released

Well, after a hardware failure (Murphy’s Law) and a messed up SVN repository (Our foul up!), we are managing to overcome and get this release out the door!  Version 1.7 offers the following new features: TransformStudio Transform Parameters – These are XSL-runtime parameters. Meaning you can pass an unlimited amount …

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