Category: Bug Fixes

Version 1.7 Released

Well, after a hardware failure (Murphy’s Law) and a messed up SVN repository (Our foul up!), we are managing to overcome and get this release out the door!  Version 1.7 offers the following new features: TransformStudio Transform Parameters – These are XSL-runtime parameters. Meaning you can pass an unlimited amount …

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Version 1.7 Coming Friday the 13th

So this Friday the 13th, we will release Version 1.7. Since the first release, we have been working on stability issues and documentation correction. The next version 1.7 will offer the following new features: Transform Parameters – These will be XSL-runtime parameters. Meaning you will be able to pass an …

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Version 1.6.2 Released

Well, A few bugs were identified early on that would prevent the actual operation of the XData Toolkit. You can download the latest version from the WordPress repository at Best Regards,

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