Big Data Analytics

Insight Through Big Data Analytics

Accurate & Reliable Interpretation to Help Drive Results & Business Growth

Big Data Analytics, increasingly growing as a force to make business decisions, is the process of examining large amounts of data of differing types (big data) to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information.

Organizations are commonly tripped up on Big Data initiatives because  of lack of internal knowledge and the high cost of hiring experienced analytics professionals.

The primary goal of Big Data Analytics is to help companies make better business decisions by analyzing huge volumes of transaction data and other sources left untapped by conventional business intelligence programs.

Specialists at Build.Automate are highly trained in technologies associated with Big Data Analytics including NoSQL databases, Hadoop and MapReduce. These technologies form the core of an open source software framework our consultants not only work in, but have helped develop.

We understand the cost and resources used to constantly train and employ qualified professionals to interpret the important data you require to keep your business growing. By contracting your Big Data Analytics needs to Build.Automate, you are guaranteeing your company will employ the most qualified of contractors with cutting-edge knowledge and data skills — everything you need to encourage strong business growth.

Build.Automate’s Analytics Advisers are available to you on a contract basis or on retainer. Contact us today to talk about your options.