Why Your Business Website Matters

Why Your Business Website Matters

Your Website Could Be A Customer’s First Impression of Your Business

You’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting your logo, choosing the right property and designing your business’s physical location with great care. In fact, you’ve disappointed-man1arranged it in such a way to highlight your business’s key products and services and you’ve trained your employees to always give great customer service and you personally handle all complaints so every customer is a happy customer.

But where your website is concerned, you bought your domain and just built one of those ‘website in 15 minutes’ sites just so you had one out there — because really, you just have to have a site — it doesn’t matter what it looks like, right?

You are absolutely wrong. Your website is a direct reflection on you, your business and can turn away customers just as sure as if you were to lock your front doors and refuse to let someone inside.

But don’t just take out word for it. The numbers say it all:

  • 81% of all shoppers research a purchase online before stepping foot in a store
  • 61% use a search engine to find results on what they are looking to buy
  • 88% of consumers, after researching online, actually GO INTO A STORE to complete the purchase
  • 66% of consumers do their research during the day
  • 24% of consumers do their research on a mobile phone or tablet device
  • 42% of consumers say it is vital a business they use have a mobile and/or tablet friendly website
  • If a consumer can’t find exactly what they want within the first 10 seconds on a website, they move on.

These statistics, verified through multiple analytics sources, are a clear indicator your online presence is as vital as your logo, store location and your customer service. Significant time and effort must be spent in creating a web experience for your customers that shows you are serious about their business and that you are passionate about your company offerings …

… Because if you don’t, your competitor will.