An Intro to WSDM – Committee Draft

By Vaughn Bullard, Kirk Wilson, Bryan Murray

The full Web Services Distributed Management documents are hard to navigate and some find it difficult to find what they need. The PDF below outlines an overview of these standards.

An Introduction to WSDM

BPEL 2.0: Primer

Business Process Execution Language 2.0 offers the possibility to aggregate web services and define the business logic between each of these service interactions. BPEL also orchestrates such web service interactions. Each service interaction can be regarded as a communication with a business partner. The interaction is described with the help of partner links.

WS-BPEL Primer

WSDM: MUWS 1.1, Parts 1 & 2

Management Using Web Services enables easier and more efficient management of IT resources. This is accomplished by providing a flexible, common framework for manageability interfaces that leverage key features of Web services protocols. Universal management and interoperability across the many and various types of distributed IT resources can be achieved using MUWS.

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