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Our schedules are as hectic as any other executives but we feel it is extremely important to take part in the sharing of information when journalists, bloggers and content specialists need our expertise. Whether it’s discussing the most recent IT systems or insights into leadership, we are committed to educating and informing whenever possible and appreciate the opportunity for media mentions.


In her fourth video series, Deanna Murray dives into how to prepare for effective meetings, the ingredients for a great infomercial and also the varying schools of thought within strategic management. Demand Media, through a partnership with provides these HD tutorials free of charge and Build.Automate is proud to be a part of the process as subject-matter experts in marketing, leadership and management.
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Whether it’s explaining how to write a business proposal or diving into the importance of Big Data, Build.Automate’s CEO Vaughn Bullard takes the time to explain these important business processes simply and accurately in this Demand Media HD Video series.
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In this free video series through Demand Media, our director of digital strategy and marketing talks through leadership strategies, ideas for promotional giveaways, giving effective product demonstrations and the importance of promotional products. She even discusses the key elements of a shareholder letter and how to write one.
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  • Tech Page One, Why Data Overload Is The Enemy Of Small Business By Ritika Puri

    It’s an understatement to say that data science and predictive analytics were among the top technology trends in 2013. Companies of all sizes have access to more quantitative resources than ever before. Tools like Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Mixpanel make user behavior and revenue data available to organizations of all sizes, yet small businesses often have trouble making the most use of widely available data tools.
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  • Smart CEO Magazine, Washington DC Edition: Long-Distance Business: So Far, Yet So Close By Will Beaudouin

    So your business has found success locally — congratulations. The next step? Expanding into new markets. But staying in sync over miles and time zones isn’t as easy as it seems. As you plan your next move, here are some tips on how other CEO’s have handled growth, remote offices & cultural differences.
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    • 5 Lessons IT Leaders Can Learn From Obamacare Rollout Mistakes By Teena Hammond

      There’s still plenty of disagreement about the ideology, efficacy and even legality of the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare), but there’s broad consensus that the launch of website was a dismal failure. And like so many tech rollout disasters, this one should serve as a teachable moment that helps other organizations avoid making similar mistakes.
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    • Demand Media Videos: WordPress Tips With Vaughn Bullard

      WordPress is still one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to set up your own site on the Internet. Get tips on WordPress with help from a serial entrepreneur, information technology thought leader, published technical author, and content management and WordPress authority in this free video series.
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    • Demand Media Videos: Business Management & Marketing With Deanna Murray

      Managing a business is all about a few key concepts, from marketing yourself to managing employees and everything in between. Find out about business management and more with help from an award-winning journalist who has made a career of defining and establishing content and promotion guidelines for some of the largest media companies in North America in this free video series.
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    • How Insurers Can Benefit From Business Process Execution Language By Christine Parizo

      Integrating disparate systems is a common chore for CIOs and software architects in the insurance industry, according to the new Global CEO Survey by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Insurers face constant regulatory changes and customers’ demand for better customer service, driving demand for system integration projects.
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    • Demand Media Videos: eHow: WordPress Lessons With Vaughn Bullard

      WordPress is one of the most powerful sites on the Internet that you can easily use to get your own site up and running in no-time at all. Get tips on WordPress topics with help from a WordPress authority in this free video series.
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    • Demand Media Videos: Marketing & Promotional Help With Deanna Murray

      Marketing and promotion are two of the most important aspects of running any type of business. Get tips on marketing and promotion with help from an award-winning journalist and business specialist in this free video series.
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    • Blog: Contently: “Go Big Or Go Home” Is For Football, Not Content Marketing By David Burn

      The digital realm offers publishers and marketers infinite space. Regardless, we seem intent on filling it. A look at the numbers regarding content on the internet, and the new terms data scientists are forced to invent to describe them, is dizzying. According to Intel, 1.3 million video clips on YouTube, 6 million Facebook pages and 20 million photos are viewed every minute of every day.
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    • Trade Magazine: Beyond Insurance: Navigating The Cloud Staff Writer

      Vaughn Bullard, CEO & Founder of Build.Automate is featured in the summer 2013 issue of Beyond Insurance magazine. In it, Mr. Bullard discusses risks and issues when choosing to navigate your applications and data to a Cloud Computing paradigm.
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    • Solving common business process execution language problems By Christine Parizo

      Business process execution language (BPEL), a stalwart in the SOA world, hasn’t undergone many changes in the last few years. While developers can appreciate the stability it offers, they can also run into common problems that dog even the most seasoned developers. While some of the road bumps may be standard SOA issues, others are particularly sticky in BPEL, and require planning before implementation, according to experts.
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    • The state of business process execution language (BPEL) in 2013 By Christine Parizo

      When it comes to integrating systems and automating workflow, business process execution language (BPEL) holds its own in the SOA world and provides a consistent process for coordinating disparate systems. In the last five years, BPEL hasn’t undergone any major changes, but it has received more mature support from vendors. The support hasn’t come without a price, but if developers use BPEL for automating technological processes and eschew excessive customization, they can overcome some common problems with the technology, experts say.
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