Service Oriented Architecture

Interpreting Different Data & Streamlining Communication

Imagine you were the leader of a team with 5 other members. You walk into the room to address your team for the first time, extremely excited to talk to them about how, with all the information they each hold, you can create a product or service that would easily revolutionize an industry.

But you walk into the room and you notice the other 5 members are standing in a circle, yelling at each other in different languages — no one can understand the other. Luckily, you’re a master of linguistics. You are the key to helping everyone understand each other and bringing this project to the bank.

In simple terms, this is what Service Oriented Architecture is. SOA is an over-arching architecture allowing several other, seemingly unrelated systems to talk to each other to achieve an efficient, optimized result.

Each smaller system is built independently of the rest, but they are all pulled together in an SOA framework. This is common among service verticals as well as online retailers, but is extending into all other areas as businesses are finding it strategically efficient to have all processes and systems speak the same language.

Build Automate consultants are called on often to work on SOA and we are again proud to have a CEO who was on the forefront of this technology.