Custom Plugins And Module Development

Custom Plugins: Just Because It Isn’t There, Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Built

top_wordpress_pluginsIt is important to remember just because there isn’t a plugin to perform the action needed within your CMS’s plugin library doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It just means someone hasn’t thought of it yet.

Whether it is WordPress, Drupal or many of the various flavors of Content Management Systems out there, Build Automate can develop your custom plugin or module in no time flat.   Need a custom plugin or module to interface with your back office systems?  Need a plugin to help you build community or awareness? Our CMS Advisers are skilled in the workings of multiple out-of-the-box CMS platforms and can help you gather your business requirements and give you insight into our plugin development process and timeline.

We believe the sky is the limit when it comes to developing add-ons to popular content management systems and Build Automate has the know-how and experience to develop and roll out simple to  complex custom CMS plugins and modules.

Our CMS Advisers are available to you on a contract basis for evaluation of your needs. Should you move forward with a plugin build with Build Automate, contracts are adjusted to include development and project management if needed.